Welcome to Three Sheep

This is the place where you will find a book that will help you live a life bursting

with hope restored, peace and joy

In the children's books, your children will be taught in fun ways to live in integrity and given good moral examples to help them be all they can be. This area also includes children’s plays – Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving.

The poetry section is full of life’s precious moments that you will be able to enjoy as you relate. You will laugh, smile, and possibly cry. I did.

The devotionals are rich and full of life’s examples and love letters from God and scriptural references.

The inspirational books include a guide about how to publish your own book, an amazing book on abortion from the baby’s perspective in the womb, and intercession books in a wonderful story-telling form. One book in this section teaches you how to meditate.

The blog section gives you a weekly devotional and a monthly highlight of an individual author from our group of authors.

The contact page is where you can submit a book that you may want published.

The novels are written by Christians and you will travel to Egypt (in the trilogy of "Endless Love") or become involved in a famous New York model’s life as she bumps into a Wyoming cowboy on her retreat to get away and think.

The testimonials are filled with miracles that are beyond belief, but every word is true. You will be filled with hope for your own needed miracle. These are medical miracles and emotional miracles and rags to riches stories.

The Bible studies are rich in life applications through the battles in the Bible and how they can relate to you today. There is an in-depth book on the life of David and nothing is left out of these 331 pages that is our only 8-1/2” x 11” size book – a coffee table book for sure! There is a book designed for jail/prison ministry too.